Sunday, 26 February 2012

My friends

Just some people I became friends with.We went around the Island on Beanie and sang songs.As far as I remember,there was "Rock You Like A Hurricane", "Wind of Change"

Here is a photo of us:

They are:

Say hello to them if you meet!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Good-Bye and I hope we will meet again

As others may say that they have grown up and don't like to play Club Penguin anymore,well I won't lie,I don't have time to post,I'm working alone.So I won't be posting anymore.I still play Club Penguin,just like before,it's my favourite game,but I won't be posting anymore.But never say never,I might return in the future.The things that i'm dissapointed are the facts that nothing is new on ClubPenguin.The ones who own the game made almost everything member-only and I'm not going to buy membership again,even the levels of the cool games,and no new cool parties,since 2009 everything the non-members got at parties were some ugly hats.It is also the school,i want to achieve good grades to pass and so on.So,I hope we will meet in the future

Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy new year to everyone.Christmas was beautiful.I forgot to ask you about what did you get.I cannot wait to celebrate.Happy new year to everyone!

New pin,the party favors pin

To find the new pin:
1.Go to the Mountain
2.In the right of the screen near Bunny hill is the pin:

Here it is:

Now you have the newest pin,the party favors pin

New field op available!

Let's see something about this:

The signal comes from the Hidden lake,from the wrecked aquagrabber:

Here it is:

That's all.See ya!

Monday, 20 December 2010

New pin,snow golbe pin!

Here is how to find the new pin:
1.go to the Docks on the snow globe pin:

Here it is:

Now you have the newest pin,the snow globe pin!

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Holiday party 2010 and Rockhopper!

Holiday party 2010 is here!It is beautiful,I love it.Anyway let's see what's new.

The free item is a pair of reindeer antlers,oh,it was my rarest item.Ah,times...2007.My first Club Penguin christmas...I love christmas.Anyway,here it is:

ALso,Coins for Change begun as every year,with a little difference:

ALl the coins are going to the Lighthouse,and we must fill it completely,lol it's very laggy:

And our old friend has returned:

The nonmembers items are the globe hat and the coins for change background: